Saturday, July 2, 2011

Tiro Tasik

Tiro Tasik is one of the attractions where you can enjoy the sea the Gulf of Bone. What a great miracle that Tiro Tasik are in the midst of the mountains, but vision can be very close to the sea. Also the beautiful natural scenery and the weather was gorgeous, cool. Tiro Tasik in ancient times used as a fortress society Sa'dan Matallo district. Tasik Tiro is the land of Busia and Sellak Tongkonan andes.

If you are at this location as far as the eye can see toward the east you see the Bone Bay boats with sails unfurled once abstinence receded. South direction with a view of some natural Toraja decorated with beautiful scenic valleys, hills and rice fields are naturally compact. West direction you can see Mount Sesean towering rocks interspersed cadasnya arabica trees. North direction you can see the thick forests overgrown hedge various types of tropical trees. Along the road to the tourist-weary Tiro Tasik not jemunya ancestors witnessed the creations of antique and prestigious. Housing that is belong to indigenous communities, among others: Tongkonan Rea, Belo Sa'dan, Tammuan Allo 'andes Lobo', Pambalan, Pantu and Belo Bua ', with the women who was swinging "Balida" his (traditional looms) for weaving traditional fabrics are beautiful with woven name Paruki '(Weaving Carving).

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