Saturday, July 2, 2011

Pongtimbang sights

This tourist attraction is located in the village Pongtimbang Baruppu 'Rindingallo District. The village is famous for its religious ancestor (Aluk Todolo) are still strong. The distance from Rantepao ± 58 km.
Pongtimbang tourist attraction is one of the chisel hole was first made by a man named Pandarrak. Pongtimbang means the source of blessings (Pong = source, Weigh = receive a blessing). In this village Ma'Nene event '(cleaning the graves of ancestors) once every 5 years by the community because people believe that cleaning and re mengkafani corpses that have weathered the wrapper (balunna) is a noble thing, in which parent- ancestors will always remember and bless derivatives and generation.

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