Friday, July 22, 2011

Waterfall Tagor

Until now, there are still many people who do not know about the existence of the waterfall Tagor. Around the 1990's there are foreign tourists who often come and ask the locals to take them to the waterfall. But in 2000 until now very rarely even none at all.

There are several avenues that can be used to get to the waterfall, among others, through the outskirts of time or through a former logging company road. The company's former road has now become the bushes making it difficult to use a four-wheeled vehicles. The distance to the waterfall Tagor if it passes the way the company is approximately 27 km.
When the road mileage times faster then approximately 6 hours drive. For those not accustomed to walking on the stone will feel tired and lazy way it feels relaxing place where the seat. The road through the outskirts of times sometimes have to jump because of large stones in these times. Sometimes be wet-wet from crossing times. From the edge of this same time we will get to the waterfall Tagor.

According to the story of the people in the village Mambunibuni, used to determine the height of the waterfall; ancestor or ancestors we wrap the potato (tuber) with foliage. At first the packing of the hands of adults. Kept wrapped in leaves at the edge; wrapped and kept wrapped up bundle of pillows. Then bundle up under the waterfall and then let drift and fall following the waterfall. After the bundle was dropped following the waterfall, they checked the bundles under the waterfall it; whether the bundle is still intact or has been shattered to pieces. Because of the height and waterfall and the resulting bundle rotation smithereens then drawn a conclusion that the IAR is very high waterfalls and dangerous when there are up to down there.

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