Friday, July 22, 2011

Old Mosque Patimburak Fakfak

Local people know the mosque is a mosque Old Patimburak. According to historical records, the mosque has been standing more than 200 years ago, even the oldest mosque in the district of Fakfak. The building is still standing strong and functioning until today was built in 1870, a priest named Abuhari Kilian.

Traditional aura appears as an old mosque visited this location. In the villages inhabited by no more than 35 head of the family you will find that blend simplicity of building mosques and community life.

A glimpse of the mosque building area not more than 100 square meters of this seems routine. But try to look more closely. This mosque is unique in its architecture, which is a mix of mosques and churches. Moses Heremba, Patimburak Mosque imam claimed the building of this mosque has undergone several renovations. Despite maintaining its original shape, but the original material that has not changed is the four pillars contained in the mosque.

In the colonial period, the mosque was hit by a bomb even Japanese soldiers. Until now, the incident left bullet holes in the pillars of the mosque.

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