Saturday, September 3, 2011

Exploring the beauty of Enchantment Olele Marine Park, Gorontalo

Indonesia's marine beauty second to none. Not surprisingly, marine tours Indonesia has always led to curiosity for the hunter marine tourism. One is the Marine Park Olele, which is situated in Gorontalo, Gorontalo province. State of Indonesia which has an area of ​​ocean over 3,257,483 km ², is to attract every tourist, whether domestic or foreign. Not only the natural beauty of blue sea stretches, but also the diverse views of the ocean floor ciamik you can enjoy on earth. One of them contained in the Marine Park Olele. Marine Park is located in the Village Olele Olele, District Kabila Bone, Bone Bolango District, Gorontalo, Central Sulawesi. Precisely located about 20 miles south of the capital of Gorontalo. If you ever visit the Bunaken Marine Park, about a scene like that is what will appear on the seabed that is captivating. However, this region looks more natural and dazzle every eye that sees. No wonder, because once you set foot in there, dozens of dolphins joyfully welcomed as if at sea level. Olele plumbed the depths, you can find many beautiful reefs that adorn the seabed. Blue ocean water looks clear, as if teasing the presence of each of his guests to try out. This place, it has always been the target of sea sports lovers from all over the world. Because, there is still so natural surroundings. The beach is also not so crowded, when compared with other Marine Park area. Olele sea is so beautiful. Foreign tourists often visit the Marine Park Olele to adrenaline through diving and snorkeling. For those who like sea sports, it seems this place will become your favorite location. Because you can complete the hobby of diving and snorkeling in the sea is calm. Local government has also approved the area as an arena Fun diving and scientific diving. Please satisfy yourself working out there. If you just want to unwind, you can see dozens of beautiful marine life. Charming scenery can be seen by renting a boat glass, so you can enjoy the underwater paradise that area of ​​the eye could see. Sources:

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