Saturday, September 10, 2011

Lady Gaga describe his love in New York on 11 / 9 Anniversary

I remember the day that witnessed the fall of the towers, fascinated by New York known as "unmarried man. Ships Jocelyn (@ jocelyn1212) Lady Gaga is one of the many New York will be the September 11 terrorist attacks personally. Pop star in high school in Manhattan on an event that, after 10 years, still in tears when he remembers the intense feelings he felt when he saw the twin towers of the World Trade Center fell. "This is the story of the people there do not know," he talks in his private home in the MTV special: "Inside Out," recorded the day after Osama bin Laden is dead 9 / 11 in everyone's mind. The parent company of Viacom and the network MTV MyGoodDeed HandsOn and organizers of September this year, 11 days to learn the international services, and in association with artists such as Lady Gaga, NAS, DJ D Poly, Drake Bell and Julianne Hough to learn cooperation anniversary of the attacks of 10 to ask: "What will you remember? " In interviews with them, and documentaries, and most of the broken-hearted love for his city in speech, and post personal contact to the Big Apple. This was covered in a sign of the coat, and said: "Well, my house .. my leather jacket as if my shoes ... and so on, Dorothy and change Saturday when he said:" I want to ask New York, said: "My skin is better than you." I wrote songs on this album many [of this] in New York, New York all the songs on the album everything to me, but especially in "The Night is married, has a history of my husband, New York." By Sunday, the Viacom networks will air a special "my" public service announcement with actors and artists, along with Viacom. 9.11 What do you remember? Share your thoughts down and visit to download the video to your answer.

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