Saturday, September 17, 2011

Religion tour to the Tomb of Sunan Kudus, Central Java

Tower's historic Mosque The main purpose of the Holy City in addition to enjoying the beautiful atmosphere of the city, usually as a series of pilgrimages Walisongo or many people refer to as the Tour De Walisongo. Yes, in the Holy City this is one Walisongo, namely Sunan Kudus Raden Ja'far Shodiq was buried exactly in the back of the Tower of the Holy Aqsa Mosque. Every day the pilgrims who come to this cemetery can reach thousands of people. Visitors usually come from many directions, this number will continue to grow if the school holiday season arrives. This is due, some schools make the trustees of this cemetery as a place of pilgrimage as well as fill the holiday sightseeing. Therefore, if the holiday season arrives the number of vehicles parked in the hundreds every day. If you take a bus or a group from the ample parking space is provided transoprtasi various tools that can be selected by the pilgrims or tourists, there are motorcycle taxis, gig, or special transport vehicles with the same rate. The journey to the grave of Sunan Kudus is quite exciting with a view of the corners of the Holy City in the past that we can still be felt until now. Views of the old city with ancient buildings and narrow alleys with a high-rise buildings. After enjoying the views of the old town for about 20 minutes we will arrive at the Complex Tower of the Holy Mosque and the Tomb of Sunan Kudus also famous mingle with hundreds of pilgrims who come and go. Satisfied pilgrimages and see the beauty of the ancient mosques of the guardians of this heritage we can continue the journey to Moriah, a mountain which is also the mascot of the Holy District, which also dwells on it Raden Said Sunan Muria which is also part of the Walisongo. Therefore, this holiday season is the tomb of Sunan Muria also never deserted from the pilgrims, but expect a blessing on the pilgrims' Sunan Muria can also enjoy the beauty of the beautiful scenery of Mount Moriah with Waterfall Monthelnya (we will write its own). Well, that's a bit of info for readers who want to fill the holidays, day trips while on a pilgrimage to trace the Walisongo in the Holy City and the Mount Moriah. Arriving in this city you do not forget the Holy City of typical dishes, like soup Holy, Holy lenthog, and also by-the Holy porridge.

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