Saturday, October 1, 2011

Jump tradition Nias Stone

The tradition of stone jumping in Nias was already very well known outside the country. Even this tradition has become a very popular icon Nias. The tradition of jumping the stone is also an attraction for tourists to travel to Nias. Many of the tourists are curious about the tradition that the players must go beyond the stone structure about 2 meters tall.

Tradition is also known as fahombo stone is a tradition that is carried by a young Nias to show that he was deemed worthy of adult and mature physically. While doing fahombo rock these young men have to wear the local costumes.

Before doing this the youth should follow a special ritual. Stone structure that will be passed fairly high for the layman. The shape of this stone structure like a pyramid and a flat upper surface, about 2 meters high with a width of 90 centimeters, and length which reaches 60 centimeters. Not only just exceeded the stone structure but also must have a good technique to avoid injury.

The youths who are ready to run custom clothes, then stepping stone small crutch to get past the first building of this height. According to the story, the tradition was originally merely as a tool to test the mental and physical man Nias. In addition, every man who fought mandatory before graduating in this stone jumping ritual. And, most importantly for the youth Nias if they can not do this tradition so they can not woo a girl. This is because, for those who do not successfully jump over the stone is considered not appropriate to get married.

One more thing to note, not all areas have the tradition of stone jumping in Nias. The tradition of jumping the stone only in certain villages. For tourists who want to see this tradition can be visited directly Bawomataluo Village, South Nias regency, North Sumatra.

To get to Nias tourists can choose two paths impassable, the sea lanes and air routes. If you want to journey through the sea route can be started from the Port of Sibolga. This trip was taken using a fast boat in watu take about 4 hours. However, if you want to travel more quickly get through the airway. The journey can start from Medan Polonia Airport and is just about 1 hour to arrive in Nias.

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