Saturday, October 1, 2011

Mountain Enchantment Lolomatua, South Nias

Mountain (Hili) Lolomatua mountain is famous for its unspoiled charm and not much visited by tourists. In addition to its unique culture, the attraction is Mount Lolomatua other Nias island scenery as a whole, as well as the forest is still beautiful, and crystal clear rivers. Lolomatua is a mountainous region that is unique and has a beautiful panoramic scenery from the top overall Nias peaks towering Lolomatua.

The journey to get past Lolomatua road. This trip could take about 2-3 hours of Gunung Sitoli and the Gulf, the capital of South Nias. If travel is highly recommended at night wearing a jacket or blanket because the region is famous for cold.

Attractions that can be enjoyed if you are in Mount Lolomatua is is Sifadou Waterfalls (waterfall clashing), Oyo River, and views of the entire island of Nias in the top Lolomatua. It only takes one route if we want to enjoy all these attractions.

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