Sunday, January 16, 2011

King Lake tourist attraction

King Lake tourist attraction located at the crossroads towards Rengat, capital of Indragiri Hulu regency, Riau, which was also mentioned as a mainstay of the community recreation Rengat city, it is feared would be left by visitors. While the fate of Lake Maduyan, had long since deserted and left by visitors, this king of the lake next mungin known story loaded with historical greatness of the Malay Indragiri Hulu.
Lake King as well as natural attractions, the area is also used as a center for arts and entertainment center Indragiri malay people with annual events such as election of the king and Queen of Indragiri. Then also the place of traditional sports such as canoe racing.
The location is located in District Rengat and the potential is still not developed
If the natural beauty of Lake King, whose waters are never dry, there are also building the kingdom of Indragiri duplicate, sudha now empty of visitors. There are several buildings in the park be left damaged, and about the location of the lake is also not well maintained.

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