Saturday, April 9, 2011

Hot Water Bayanan

Bayanan Hot Water is one of special interest tourism destination which is owned by the Sragen regency, in this case is for health tourism (health tourism) combined with natural tourist attraction or tourism.

According to the story that develop in society, Bayanan hot water is considered to have many benefits in curing various diseases, such as: arthritis, hives, and other diseases. So by the previous hot spring was called "Hyang Tirto Nirmolo".

Apparently the truth proved so many visitors come to prove his usefulness. Besides can cure various diseases in the upper, hot water is also believed to lower cholesterol in the blood, restore the fitness of the body, increase vitality of body, maintaining the freshness of the joints and muscles, relieve tired-tired, and made younger.

Aside from being a health resort because of properties owned by this hot water in curing many diseases, hot water bathing Bayanan also has natural attractions (ecotourism). The atmosphere of an unspoiled natural countryside can be a main attraction for tourists who come from the city. The tourists can explore activities (tracking) and camping (camping) in the rubber forests located not far from the location of these baths, and the region surrounding hills Bayanan Bayanan hot water bathing.
At certain moments, for example before the fasting month and Idul Fitri, the tourist is often held cultural arts activities, such as dangdut performances and campursari.

Bayanan hot water bathing is located just southeast of the capital, namely Sragen Regency in Hamlet Bayanan, Jambeyan Village, District Sambirejo, Sragen Regency.
Geographically, hot water bathing Bayanan located about 17 km southeast of the capital of Sragen Regency. The distance can be achieved by using a private vehicle or by public transport. From the city center can be reached by Angkudes Sragen majors Bayanan - Sambirejo with route: Sragen - Ngarum - Blimbing - Bayanan pp.

The path can be skipped:

Line 1: Sragen - Ngarum - Sambirejo - Sambi - Bayanan
Line 2: Banaran - Gondang - Sambi - Bayanan
Line 3: Masaran - Pot - Batu Jamus - Kerjo - Sambirejo - Sambi Bayanan
Line 4: Karanganyar - Mojogedang - Batu Jamus - Kerjo - Sambirejo - Sambi - Bayanan
Line 5: Magetan - Jogorogo - Ngrambe - Sine - Winong - Sambi - Bayanan
Line 6: Karangpandan - Ngargoyoso - Jenawi - Sambirejo - Sambi - Bayanan


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