Saturday, April 9, 2011

Kedung Ombo

Kedung Ombo is a giant dam area is an area of ​​6576 hectares, which covers most areas in three districts, namely: Sragen, Boyolali, and Grobogan. Reservoir dam consists of five river water area covering 2830 hectares and 3746 hectares of land that is not waterlogged.

Location Kedung Ombo tourism is a mainstay of Sragen located in District Sumberlawang, about 30 km from downtown. Besides treated to beautiful scenery, visitors can enjoy Kedung Ombo water tours, adventure boat ride to visit the islands that appear in the middle of the reservoir. Your hobby enthusiasts grilled fish or fish hook? Do not worry, in Kedung Ombo is also available where fishing as well as stalls selling a variety of processed foods made from fish. Once out of the vehicle in the parking lot, the fragrance of fish baked or fried immediately catch, invite the appetite.

In the area Kedung Ombo, precisely in the village Ngargotirto, has built the racetrack with a path along the 600 meters. Racetrack named Nyi Ageng Serang was a miniature of the racecourse Pulo Mas Jakarta. In December 2006 ago at the site held a national horse racing championship trophy of Governor of Central Java.

Potential tourism development is to multiply the homestay which together with the houses, so that the tourists can stay longer in the area Kedung Ombo. The existence of homestay tourists can make a close look at everyday life of society, and even live a life like the locals, after a time.
Investments can also be grown in aquaculture sectors using floating cages and equipped restaurant. In the flood plains around the reservoir, suitable for developing agribusiness fruits and vegetables. In addition to close to the source water taken from the dam, reservoir water quality is also clean of pollutants.

If you do not want a half-half jump in tourism business, investors can develop an integrated tourist complex in Kedung Ombo. Investors can utilize water attractions, and restaurants floating cages, and the racetrack is already available, while building agribusiness tours, safari parks, golf courses, and also a cable car to enjoy the view from a height Kedungombo complex. When the integrated tourism complex has been established, visitors will surely get an impressive adventure, unique, and missed.

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