Monday, May 9, 2011

Mount Bromo

This tour is one tour of the most sought after by local and foreign tourists, many of the enchanting beauty who is on this tour. Mount Bromo in Pasuruan is a symbol of tourism. This area is usually very crowded when there are events Kasodo Ceremony (tribal religious ceremonies around the mountain Bromo)

At Mount Bromo is a vast sea of ​​sand contained about 10 km2, so if the friends who have never seen the desert, here could be an alternative to not the way to the Sahara desert or the deserts in Africa there in the desert area of ​​10 km2 we are advised not to walk away because in addition to the scorching heat, there is also the flying dust and sand that makes the chest a bit crowded. To overcome this there is provided rental horse

The crater of Mount Bromo
In the crater of Mount Bromo These friends can see the white fumes coming out of the crater, to reach the crater the altitude 2392 meters from the sea surface. We must pass through a ladder rung in number about 250. Well from the crater of Mount Bromo region if we look down then we will see an amazing sight, a sea of ​​sand in the middle stood a temple.
If we stay in this region, we can not miss the beautiful scenery that happens every morning, the sun rises. If we have often seen the sun rise on the beach / ocean, then here we can see the sun rise in the sea of ​​sand and mountains. We can melhat sun shape start small to large. It's really a view that is second to none
Actually there are many other attractions that we will find around this area Bromo mountain, among the apple orchards, tea gardens, and whitewater rafting.

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