Wednesday, June 29, 2011


BOGA TOUR PLACE FISH AUCTION Lappa Lappa District is located in the Village of North Sinjai about 4 km from the capital Sinjai. Travelling in Sinjai district is not complete if you have not been to Fish Auction Place Lappa, which is the Fish Auction Place (TPI) Sinjai District, it is also one of the sectors producing excellent source revenue (PAD) busy watching the fishermen land their catch fish in places this. The hustle and bustle of strangulation from vendors and buyers of fish in the TPI Lappa is a form of spectacle itself is very exciting.
Besides the most popular with visitors and you have to prove yourself is to enjoy delicious fresh fish that was burned by the visitors or use the services of the owner of burning fish stalls are available around the venue. Holidays are busy at night, very typical and probably second to none in South Sulawesi, and even Indonesia.
From this same TPI Lappa you safely across to the Islands of the Nine, a distance of 3 nautical miles by using the boats that Jonson had been prepared by eminent professional sailors Pulau Sembilan.

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