Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Coast Edge Kupang Sinjai

The beach is located at the tip of Kupang District East Sinjai about 15 miles from downtown Sinjai. Kupang tip is one of the coastal tourist attraction in addition to white sand that you can encounter on nine islands. This object is also directly adjacent to the cluster of nine islands and mangrove-tongke Tongke.
In each year you can see the attraction of traditional boat race and cultural attractions Ma'rimpa Salo, which is a meaningful ritual gratitude to god for good harvests, both on land (farmers) and in the sea (fishermen), which is manifested in a form of fishing menghalaunya way to the mouth of the river by using hundreds of traditional boats, equipped with traditional nets pelaralatan.
Still located on top of hundreds of boats are also conducted traditional arts attractions, such as music and martial arts performances accompanied by drumbeats that bertaluh-taluh and other musical instruments as he dispels the fish into the estuary, which has previously been fitted with Belle (trap made of bamboo). Besides the fish into a trap, catching anything necessarily done with a gang. The fish they were brought ashore and then burned traditionally enjoyed by all visitors there. This activity has berkalender on every August (August 15, current year).

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