Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Pulau-Pulau Sembilan / Small islands Sinjai

Pulau-Pulau Sembilan / small islands located in District Nine Island about 3 miles from city center Sinjai. Sights can be taken approximately 15 to 20 minute sea journey by boat motors.
Pulau-Pulau Sembilan is a row of small islands, which by the local government area Sinjai used as marine tourism, especially in the presence of coral reefs and other varieties of beautiful ornamental fish, which live in ocean waters in the vicinity.
Nine Island is said, because the region consists of nine islands, namely Kambuno, Liang-Liang, Burunglo'e, Kodingere, Batanglampe, Katindoang, Kanalo I, Kanalo II, and lare-rea. Among the nine small island is one of them is the island-rea Larea who are uninhabited. Nautical tourism region is also supported by the presence of a small island that is emerging sand island (island formed from the fine sand-shaped crystals), which is quite famous for its beauty.
Along the coast of the island of Pulau Sembilan, you can enjoy the beautiful white sand kemilauan and bonsai sea that grows naturally. In addition, Nine Islands region supported by the coil currents are very small waves and calm, even almost never encountered a large wave. So it is suitable to serve as an arena for water sports, such as diving, water skiing, rowing and fishing.

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