Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Fortress Balangnipa Sinjai District

Balangnipa fortress located in the Village of North Sinjai District Balangnipa approximately one mile from downtown Sinjai. Balangnipa fort built in 1557 by the approval of the three kingdoms, namely: Bulo-Bulo, Tondong and Lamatti, known as the royal Tellu Limpo'e.
At the beginning of its construction, Fort Balangnipa only made of volcanic stone bound with mud from the River Tangka with a wall thickness "Siwali reppa" (half fathoms). The shape and structure of the castle building is rectangular and has 4 pieces bastion (the defense). When the Dutch were planning an attack and master Sinjai, fort Balangnipa then used as a bulwark to stem the attacks launched by the Dutch from the Gulf of Bone.
Resistance kings of Tellulimpo'e in Dutch aggression against very formidable as described in the history of war Mangarabombang Rumpa'na Mangarabombang or aggression against the Netherlands in 1859-1961.
Because of the strength and armament Kingdom Tellulimpoe not comparable with the power that the Dutch, Fort Balangnipa finally been won by the Dutch troops in 1859 through the war Mangarabombang. After the Dutch came to power in the territory of the Kingdom Fellowship Tellulimpo'e (Sinjai District now), Fort balangnipa used to stem both from the attacks of the indigenous peoples, and the fellowship of the kingdom Tellulimpo'e-darikerajaan attack other kingdoms.
In 1864 Fort Balangnipa renovated by the Dutch with a touch of European architecture and was completed in 1868 (with the form as it is now).
Balangnipa fort until now maintained as one of the archaeological heritage sites and used as a museum and cultural development and the traditional cultural arts arena attraction.

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