Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Garden of Stone Antiquities Pake 'Gojeng Sinjai

Garden of Stone Antiquities Pake 'Gojeng located in the Village of North Sinjai District Biringere approximately 2 miles from the center of Sinjai. Pake mean stone carved stone while Gojeng is the name of the place where the location of the stone carving was found. Beneath the stone carving grave stones there, so that local communities get to know the location as a grave stone.
When excavation rescue (rescue Excavation) in 1982, in the Stone Pake Gojeng found various types of Cultural Heritage Objects (BCB) moves such as ceramics and fragments, thought to date from the Ming Dynasty, Fossil Wood and Peti corpse.
From the hilltop stone Gojeng Pake this you can see downtown district Sinjai with beautiful natural scenery against the backdrop of the green growth of mangrove forest (mangrove) in Tongke-tongke and rows of nine islands (clusters of small islands).

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