Friday, July 22, 2011

mosque Wapauwe

The mosque is located in the village Wapauwe Kitetu, District of Central Maluku regency Leihitu this still looks original and intact. The mosque was founded in 1414 AD by Imam Rijali. The mosque is situated at the foot of the mountain Wawane and first built a dome roofed or gemutu, walls made of wood frame and stem rumbiah, do not use a nail buffer and the size of the roof at each end there is a carved rectangular asthma Allah and Muhammad. In the year 1464 AD mosque repairs performed by Imam Is (a scholar of Islamic symbols in Wawane mengembangngkan). In 1700 BC the pole mounted on the dome-shaped wooden alif Kanjoli. In this mosque as well as stored script Khutbah Idulfitri oldest Koran written by Nur Light in 1590 AD (a disciple of Imam Rijali), but it also contained a promise book that tells the history of the Prophet Muhammad, and there is also a stone and wood scales to determine the tithe used the natives at that time.

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