Tuesday, July 19, 2011

island Dodola

Dodola Island is just 5 miles from Daruba, capital of South Morotai sub-district. Dodola Island is one of the reasons why tourists come to visit the Morotai.

The island is surrounded by a stretch of white sandy beaches are very wide that connects the island Dodola Large and Small Dodola.

Here tourists can find white sand with two different types, rough and smooth. Scenery around and crystal clear water is perfect for relaxing, swimming and diving with his family on weekends. There are also other islands around Dodola which you can explore.

To reach the island Dodola tourists can use the passenger ship, from Tobelo to Daruba, and continue using the speedboat to the island Dodola which takes about 20 minutes travel time.
Besides its natural beauty, Dodola also save a lot of memories of World War II history. According to the witness of history, first place is frequently visited by General MacArthur and his forces for a tour.

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