Tuesday, July 19, 2011

island Pawole

Pawole Island is located on the east or west of the island of Pulau Kakara Tagalaya and can be reached from the port of Tobelo.

To reach the island Pawole no public transport available, so to get there can only be done by hiring a traditional boat ketinting.
Although almost all the coastal islands are dominated by white sand rocks but are offered by the island Pawole is the best among the small islands scattered in the City Tobelo. As one of the outermost islands, ocean currents Pawole has a relatively heavy when compared to other similar islands.

Apart from swimming and snorkeling, walking around the island can be another challenging activity. With a diameter of a small island, Pawole can be surrounded by walking just 15 minutes. But for this one can only be done when the sea water was receding.

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