Sunday, July 3, 2011


Losari is a beach located west of the city of Makassar. The beach is a place for residents of Makassar to spend time in the morning, afternoon and evening enjoying the sunsets are very beautiful.

Formerly, this beach is known as the center of seafood and grilled fish at night (because the sellers and traders operate only at night), and touted as the world's longest stall (because of stalls lined the beach tent whose length is less over one kilometer).

One of the typical snacks of Makassar, which surveyed the stalls that tent is a banana Epe (raw bananas are baked, then made flat, and brown sugar mixed with water. Best eaten while still warm).
Currently stalls offering seafood tent has been moved to a place in front of the home office the Mayor of Makassar, which also still be around Losari.

In the afternoon, everyone can enjoy the process or the moments of sunset sunset.

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