Sunday, July 3, 2011

Somba Opu

Somba Opu built by the King of Gowa IX Daeng Matanre tumaparisi Kallonna the XVI century (1550 1650), which is the kingdom of Gowa and one of the city's largest airport in Southeast Asian in his time.

Somba Opu located on Jalan Daeng Tata Somba Opu Village, District Barombong, Gowa regency. The distance is about six kilometers south of the center of Makassar.

Somba Opu can be accessed from the central city of Makassar (Field Karebosi) with urban transportation (petepete) or taxi. If using public transportation, ride from the Field Karebosi Cenderawasih city transportation department. From Paradise to the changing transportation Somba Opu.

Somba Opu a relic of the past history of the mighty kingdoms in South Sulawesi, the area is now used as a miniature cultural center of South Sulawesi and has built many custom homes tradisinal of all the tribes / ethnic groups who were there (South Sulawesi). Where all the houses can describe budanya respectively.

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