Sunday, July 3, 2011

Island Lanjukan

Lanjukan Island or also called Lanyukan Island, Island Laccukang, an outer island within 40 miles Edge Land District. To reach this island from the city of Makassar, there is no regular transportation. But for tourists can charter a boat (boat) with engine 40 hp to 10 passengers with a rental fee Rp.1.000.000,

The shape of this elongated island southwest - northeast, with a broad reach over 6 ha, with a reef that surrounds the area of ​​11 ha. On the east side is an area that is open and there is a plateau that juts out (spit). While on the west side of the center, there is a lighthouse. Vegetation on the island is quite dense, with uneven distribution of trees, dominated by pines and palms and banana trees in the middle of the island.

Public facilities that are available is still relatively limited. Lanjukang Island facilities and health education are not yet available. Electrical installations with 2 generators only operate between the hours of 17:30 to 21:00 pm. There is a brackish water wells, in the middle of the island for their daily needs. We can also find 2 pieces of small shops with merchandise that is very limited. In addition there is a semi-permanent mosque. Residential population is concentrated on the north side of the island is relatively safer in winter the east and west.

The island is not equipped with a boat dock facility. On the west side, at low tide there is a coral reef that reaches a distance of 1 km and at a distance of 2 km there are areas that have steep to over 100m depth. Waters in the south, east, and north of the island is a cruise ship line.

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