Monday, September 19, 2011

Fun Trips to Lamongan Marine Tourism

Full visitor entrance WBL (Marine Tourism Lamongan) is one of the resorts on the coast of East Java. When the first week of school holidays the place is always crowded with visitors. Spacious parking lot, filled with four-wheel vehicles and motorcycles. In addition to large buses, many four-wheeled vehicles that park there with a diverse number of police officers, both from East Java, East Java and outside. They use this holiday to enjoy the moment a vehicle is provided in the WBL that has always been visited by many that every time continues to grow. "I am exhausted from the house until dawn here at 12 noon, then straight in with the kids. I use a two-bus entourage WBL as a tourist destination makes our school. Also good for children's learning, is also classified as complete bicycle", said one teacher from Jepara to bring their students to tour the WBL. It rides on WBL is fairly complete tour with entrance fees of Rp. 50000.00 we can enjoy dozens of rides with various advantages. There is a tangible vehicle for education such as house cats, cave insektariun, the planet of glass, doll palace, and three-dimensional cinema. There is also a stunt like shooting fish rides, water games, the palace under the sea, and many other free or paid. In addition, there are other rides are also quite challenging, but visitors have to spend money that there are not too expensive and can be reached by visitors. So it is not surprising that the school holidays, every day WBL gets more tourists than usual day. Opening hours of the morning when the visitors seemed to queue at the front entrance because most of them come entourage so they should be examined first by the security luggage. There are rules that must be adhered to every visitor to memsuki this region, as visitors are prohibited from bringing food, like rice, rice cake, and other wet foods. However, if the officers carrying soft drinks will tolerate it. Atmosphere so that the streets of WBL comfortable and secure fit is required of health, let alone to enjoy the rides here are quite challenging as the Drop Zone, Ranger, Jet Coaster, and Car Crazy Coaster. The game is quite challenging and above a healthy body needs to get aboard.

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