Sunday, September 18, 2011

Jepara Kartini Beach Aquarium Giant Who Wanted More

Giant tortoise who is in Jepara Kartini Beach increasingly have tremendous appeal. Public interest in Jepara and surrounding areas, rushing throng wanted to see firsthand the mainstay attraction Jepara regency: especially in the summer school holiday season, many flooded with visitors: in particular the many students who arrive to enjoy the beauty of the beach and close look at the Giant Aquarium in which there are hundreds of types of species marine fish in the sea floor in Jepara Jepara turtles. Giant aquarium is built with elegant architectural style of marine fish species can be encountered from arowana fish, octopus until anchovies, visitor or tourist sites surrounding refractive Sea World fun for themselves and family photos. What a fantastic panorama on the sea of ​​this world. Leni said a tourist who claimed to come from pecangaan met reporters at the Post who was visiting the Partner site. While it is associated with the giant aquarium Jepara Tourism and Culture said in a giant aquarium turtle Jepara, better known by the name of a turtle Ocean Park (KOP) is one of the leading tourist destinations because of Jepara forms the building alone is awesome in Indonesia, even in Asia have not found this big giant tortoises turtles that exist only in Jepara Kartini Beach. Said H. Choiron Syariefudin educational concept for teaching, research, as well as spectator / tourist because in it there are various types of marine fish species, more than a hundred species in Sea World this added Jepara Tourism and Culture. The landscape in the Giant Tortoises if the reader curious about the beauty of the panorama of Jepara Kartini beach with turtles and giant tortoises giant Aquarium please come see directly as well as fill near the holidays. You'll get a million beautiful memories that will not be forgotten.

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