Friday, September 23, 2011

Luaha Ndroi, Waterfall which Continues to rumble

Located in the Village Fulolo, District Alasa, Luaha Ndroi Waterfall is one of the tourist sites you must visit when visiting the North Nias District. Although not as popular tourist attraction in South Nias District Bawomataluo or Pulau Asu Nias Regency West, Waterfall Luaha Ndroi keep its own uniqueness. Where, waterfalls who has not been widely known to exist, has several levels like stairs. Each level of the pool as deep as 50 centimeters artifacts up to 5 meters. From the city of Gunungsitoli, tourist sites Luaha Ndroi Waterfall can be completed in approximately 1.5 hours drive using motor vehicle two or four wheels. Prior to travel, you should prepare supplies and clothes, because around the waterfall there are no stalls. While a change of clothes necessary for you to be tempted to enjoy a soak in one of the Waterfall pool Luaha Ndroi. When NBC visited the site on Saturday (07/30/2011), seen some of the workers were doing asphalt road to the waterfall. Information from a local resident, Ama Windi Hulu, paving had been done in order to facilitate the visitors reached Luaha Ndroi Waterfall. Arriving in the village of Fulolo, about 1 kilometer from the monument welcome, you will find the intersection to the waterfall. For motorcycle riders do not have to worry about finding a parking place, because the locals will offer daycare yard into a motorcycle. As for visitors who use four-wheel vehicle, the vehicle can be parked on the side of the road. After parking the vehicle, the journey continued to the location on foot as far as 2 miles, past the path that the vehicle can not be passed. As far as 2 kilometers walk takes about 15 minutes which is quite strenuous, irreplaceable time until the site. Rumbling waterfalls and chirping birds that emit various sounds, making each visitor feel the atmosphere of peace, especially after struggling with the busyness of everyday life. If lucky, around the waterfall, you'll see hordes of yellow butterflies, the numbers in the thousands. Observations NBC, in the vicinity of the waterfall there is no public toilet facilities, so visitors had to ride the toilet at home residents when returning from the site. In addition, another issue that is often experienced by visitors is the lack of parking or day care as well as the difficult path traversed, particularly by small children. "If any officials or local residents who keep the vehicle, I feel more comfortable," said Ayudin Halawa, a visitor who uses a car. Meanwhile, the social life of local residents look very simple. The majority of residents worked as rubber and cocoa farmers, while others are civil servants in public health centers, schools and district offices. North Nias District Government's seriousness to enter the tourism development program at one of the regional development policy, vision and mission of the regent and deputy regent, is expected to increase income residents in the surrounding attractions. In addition, dissemination to local residents against the readiness of the area attractions, it became an important agenda that is sometimes forgotten. Where, in some tourism sites in Nias Islands in the end is not neglected, due to unpreparedness of the local residents.

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